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Help, I'm a first-timer!

We study representatives were once exactly where you are. In the 1st semester. Here, on this page, we try to present our projects, communicate with you interactively, help and offer you the information we have collected.

To give you an overview, we would be happy to take the first steps with you:

In 1. Let's start with the basics, which you can find under the FAQ's. Here.

  • how you orientate yourself at university (rooms, printers,...)

  • where to find the course catalog, the management program

  • how do I read the course catalog, what does what mean?

For the 2. Step there are a few more standing sentences from frequently asked questions from the past:

  • The evaluation of an exam usually takes between 2-3 weeks (although it can be ready in as little as 3 days/as late as 4 weeks).

  • The first exam dates are always at the same time: Friday 2:30 p.m. (2nd + 3rd on Monday at 6:00 p.m.)

  • Where can I find my exam results? - AcademyFive --> Login --> My studies --> performance overview

  • What happens if I'm sick? For a compulsory lecture: Write to the person giving the lecture; there are almost always opportunities for alternative work. For a non mandatory VO: We try to record it, you can listen here if you like.

  • What is the email address of a speaker? Simply search by name here.

  • How do I get my enrollment confirmation/study sheet? --> AcademyFive --> Login - -> Personal --> My documents --> Select in dropdown list

  • The bill from the university for the tuition fees hasn't arrived? Yes, that happens, don't worry, they won't forget about you, you can still study here.

  • I'm also studying somewhere else, how do I do that with the ÖH amount? - You can pay for now here get back.

  • Is the university open on weekends? Yes, Freudplatz 1 (PTW building) does, Freudplatz 3 usually doesn't.

The 3. Stepis there to give you an overview right from the start of what you need for the module work:

The module work is the first big part of the course - and in retrospect, "really not that big of a story". What do I need for this? Everything that is marked with 'Module A' in the right column in the course catalog, the lecture series are important, but not obligatory. Of course, you also have to attend the compulsory seminars for scientific work. And then write. That was it.

4. Step- social life at university: Since we often only have lectures on very blocked days during our studies, many people long for a social life at university. The university regularly offers events such as lectures and readings. - We as the ÖH and student representatives also want to do our part and regularly organize seminars, but also cinema evenings, splash stands, Christmas parties or similar, where we invite you to network.

In addition, all of the people presenting and the entire university staff in general are very friendly and are often happy to receive questions, have conversations in the hallway or visit the office (if they have time). Take advantage of the very close supervision ratio that the university offers!

We believe that we can now let you go slowly after 4 steps together, but we would be very happy to receive your suggestions, project suggestions, questions or anything similar that you might have for us:

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